Review AmazonBasics Sling Backpack for SLR Cameras

This is a review of the AmazonBasics Sling Backpack for SRL Cameras.  I have been using this bag for over 4 years now and can honestly say it’s perfect.

I have taken it everywhere and traveled thousands of miles with it and it still looks brand new.

This article will go over the best and worse things about the bag so you can make the best decision on if it will be usable for you too.

What is the AmazonBasics Sling Backpack?

Camera bags come in different shapes and styles.  They could be very small to very large, can be wheeled, carried over one shoulder, or both shoulders in as a backpack.

The problem with most photographers is matching the bag with the gear they want to carry.

The AmazonBasics Sling Backpack differs from my regular backpack in one critical way (other then the weight).  I can easily swing it from my back to my front and get access to everything while walking.

This means if I am shooting anything, I can quickly get to my equipment in less then 20 seconds.

This is unheard of with a backpack and was the biggest reason people use shoulder bags.

The problem with shoulder bags is the damage it will cause to your back over time.

The AmazonBasics Sling Backpack carries the weight on your back and can swing to your front very quickly.

Why You Will Love the AmazonBasics Sling Backpack

The AmazonBasics Sling Backpack is perfect for my middle sized bag needs.

I recently wrote a different article about how I use 3 camera bags and move my gear between them very easily (How to Turn 2 Camera Bags into a Convertible Camera Bag).

In my sling bag, I have my Nikon D3200 (Review of the Nikon D3200), my Neewer 750ii flash (Review of the Neewer Speedlite 750ii), spare lens, and an array of accessories.  Pretty much everything I use 90% of the time.

What do I carry in my Sling Backpack?

I’m not sure about you but where else can you carry all this gear in a bag this size.

Also remember how easy I can get access to all this equipment just my slinging the bag around, opening a zipper, and I can reach everything really quickly.

I can tell you after 4 years of heavy use, the bag is getting better.

The material is getting a little softer, the zippers are still very smooth, and the compartments are a little more flexible (but the Velcro is still very strong).

I couldn’t be happier!

Issues with the AmazonBasics Sling Backpack

The top compartment is very difficult to organize given it only has one divider so things tend to bang and hit each other.

I am always concerned about the Yongnuo Flash Triggers banging into each other and scratching but so far they have been OK.

There is the option to connect your full tripod to the case but that really increases the size and weight and is very awkward to carry and use so I don’t recommend it.

In my mind, it could be just a little bit larger (maybe 1 inch in each direction) to make getting the gear in and out a little easier.

The side zipper is slightly smaller then the inside pocket so sometimes getting gear in and out is hard if you have the dividers a certain way (as I do).

Lastly, there is a support buckle from stopping you from opening the zippers too much and having all your gear spill out on the floor, I would move that about 1 cm over to allow for slightly more room inside the quick access area.

The last thing I would add is a small clear ID holder so you can put your name and phone number on the outside in case you misplace it.  You can also hold business cards or other things.  I use the outside mesh pocket for this and it is working OK for now.


The  AmazonBasics Sling Backpack is just about perfect for me and will probably be for you too.

It is the perfect size in between the camera holster and the full backpack and allows you to carry a ton of gear without adding all that extra bulk.

As with all camera gear, you need to be selective in what gear you buy.

If you are buying the larger camera bodies or attach an extra battery grip, then you will need a larger case to hold a camera that size.

For 80% of the DSLR camera out there, this case will carry all the gear you need and then some.

The product is made to last and will keep your stuff protected well which we all know is the main purpose of a camera bag.

It is the perfect size for most people and very quick and easy to get your gear in and out of while you are running and shooting.

The camera shoulder strap is critical to this as sometimes you need 2 hands to open and reach and you can just rest your camera to the side while you reach in the bag for something.  It’s also very comfortable to carry.

I love this bag so much I bought one for my professional photographer friend in NYC who also uses it for his daily carry bag.  This is great for a day of shooting around NYC and carrying just the right amount of gear

What would you want to carry in your bag that will not fit in the sling?  Leave a comment and I can let you know if I think it will fit and work for you too.  If you have this bag, how do you like it and what gear do you carry in it?  Don’t forget to signup for our mailing list to be notified about new articles at BudgetPhoto101.

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